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Touring Support

Gallagher Staging simplifies the complexity of touring sets. With each new project we design and manufacture touring sets using strong, light-weight materials, always keeping transportation in mind. We fabricate tour sets to be manageable during the set-up and strike process, allowing for a quick and easy exit to the next tour location.

Our relentless commitment to safety is and always will be our main priority. Some of the most renowned artists and performers continue to rely on Gallagher Staging for their custom tour sets due to our sustained excellence and commendable reputation. We are proud of our flawless track record, and strive to continue to innovate the industry.

Fall Out Boy Tour

Custom and rental staging for the Monumentour

Iggy Azalea Tour

Custom touring stage

Paramore Tour

Custom stage for the Monumentour tour

Slipknot Tour

Custom Touring Stage

Avenged Sevenfold Tour

Custom stage for the Hail to the King Tour

Selena Gomez Tour

Custom and rental staging for Selena Gomez's World Tour

Jack White Tour

Custom touring set

Pharrell Williams Tour

Custom touring set

John Legend Made to Love Tour

Custom touring set

Florence and the Machine

Custom touring set