Flooring – Event Carpet

With an endless amount of carpet options available, Gallagher Staging can supply & install carpeting for red carpet events or cover thousands of square feet, transforming a dull foundation into a sophisticated space.

We offer a wide selection of carpeting in different colors, styles & textures (including astro turf) that can be applied over stairs, decks, risers & more. For basic applications, you can choose from standard deck carpeting that is shorter, tighter carpet that comes in a selection of colors – please contact for details! In addition, we also offer high-end carpet primarily used for red carpet events.

For events that require even more special attention, customized carpet adds an extra luxury factor. Our in-house, digitally printing methods can apply any design or logo directly onto the carpet itself, turning your lifeless space into a 5-star event.

More info coming soon! Please contact us for further details at 714.690.1559.