Custom Handrails Rentals – Gallagher Staging


Gallagher Staging supplies three different types of handrail that can satisfy any staging demand. We offer scenic handrail, OSHA handrail, and plexi handrail, all offered at the standard height of 45”.

SCENIC HANDRAIL is the most common type of handrail used in the production industry. These functional handrails are great for traditional events and can adapt to any stairway or ramp.

OSHA HANDRAIL has specific requirements that have been made by the United States Department of Labor. Gallagher Staging’s OSHA handrails comply with current codes and  specifications.  

PLEXI HANDRAIL meets OSHA standards, but are more aesthetically pleasing. These handrails are typically used for sophisticated events that require custom applications. With plexi handrail, decals and various other design effects can be applied, enhancing the overall look.