Social Sanctuary - Visitor Guidelines - Gallagher Staging

Social Sanctuary – Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Guidelines

Pre-Check-in & Check-in:

  • Arrive no earlier than one (1) hour before set – preferably thirty (30) minutes before set
  • Proceed to check-in booth 
    • Arrive wearing approved face mask 
      • Will receive gloves and eyewear if needed
  • Check-in personnel will reference guest list to ensure only authorized guest(s) are allowed into venue
  •  No one under 18 permitted into venue
  • Temperature taken by qualified tester
    • Guest(s)’s temperature, time of arrival, and picture received and inputted into system by qualified tester
  • Screener and venue will adhere to guidelines created through HIPAA. Information is considered to be sensitive and will not be accessed through public avenues.
  • Guest(s) sign all forms required by venue
    • Health screening form
    • Waiver form
  • Receive wrist band

Check-in Booth requirements:

  • Guest(s) are to remain 6ft apart (see signage on floor for designated standing locations)
  • Guest(s) proceed single file to the check-in booth
    • Once at the booth, guest(s) will adhere to the rules provided by the qualified tester 
      • If guest(s) does not show signs of COVID 19, he/she proceeds to the interior of venue
      • If guest(s) does show signs of COVID 19 (coughing, temperature over 100.4°, shortness of breath, etc.), he/she immediately exits the screening area through the designated area
        • It is important for the guest(s) not to exit testing area through the initial entrance as others could potentially increase their chances of exposure to COVID 19 or COVID 19 symptoms
  • If required, check-in personnel will provide guest(s) with any additional PPE, Personal Protective Equipment
    • If PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, does not fit or work for the guest(s), the guest(s) will dispose of the equipment in the Biohazard bin provided