Stage Rental - Gallagherstaging


Gallagher provides top-tier custom and rental staging, designed and engineered to perfection. We are committed to producing standard and custom decking in-house, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

Our decks are comprised of 6061 T6 custom extrusion, and are engineered to accommodate more than the required 150lbs. per square foot minimum rating. Versatility was the key ingredient when designing our staging system, allowing our clients to build their design around standard rental gear. Our stock inventory permits our clients to stay within a required budget making a visionary rendering tangible.

EDC Las Vegas

Bulletproof Truss Superstructure

Segerstrom Candlelight Gala

Seating platform over existing theatre seats

Paramore Tour

Custom and rental staging for their Monumentour Tour

Fall Out Boy Tour

Custom and rental staging for their Monumentour Tour

Top Chef

Rental staging for the season finale

Muppets Most Wanted Premiere

Truss Structures

Jack White Tour

Custom and rental staging

Weenie Roast

Turntable rental

EDC Las Vegas

Stage 7